Preparing for Garage Door Replacement Near Federal Way

garage door replacement

Is your current garage door exhibiting signs of problems? It may be time for an installation of a new unit for your residence near Federal Way, Washington. Perhaps you need help with commercial garage door or residential garage door services, or you need other related services. Either way, you should make preparations to simplify the process before and during the garage door replacement.

Request an Estimate in Writing

Don’t just settle for a verbal estimate; get it in writing. The quote should outline the total cost complete with a breakdown by labor, materials, etc. Having the cost solidified in writing makes it easier to contest hidden surplus charges.

Clean Your Garage

Clear the garage to the extent possible. This creates more working space for the technician during the installation process. It just makes the whole project easier and may shorten the duration. At the least, remove items positioned closer to the door. Continue Reading →

Is a Wooden Garage Door Right for Your Home in Des Moines?

wood garage doorAre you contemplating a new wooden garage door for your residence or business in Des Moines, Washington? Whether you’re prepping for a commercial garage door or residential garage door installation, it’s essential to choose a style that will keep you satisfied for many years to come. While wood doors are great for many homeowners, they aren’t the ideal choice for everyone. Learn of the pros and cons, so you can make an educated decision that’s in the best long-term interest of your property.


A major advantage of wooden garage doors is that it’s exceptionally visually appealing and is available in an assortment of custom panels. This is a huge benefit for homeowners that prioritize curb appeal. Furthermore, wood is quite resistant to dents, and scratches are not as visible. Even if some cosmetic damage does occur, it may actually give the door a rustic appearance that some homeowners actually find appealing.


Wood garage doors do have their drawbacks. For one, they do require periodic maintenance and garage door repair. In addition, if the wood isn’t properly treated and sealed, it may become prone to moisture and humanity, causing the panel to warp and become a breeding ground for pests and mold.

Interested in a Wooden Garage Door Installation Near Des Moines?

Have you decided that a wooden garage door is the way to go for a home or business renovation? If so, then take the next big step by contacting the professionals at Doors West in Auburn for a consultation. We can explain the ins and outs of wooden garage doors and help you decide whether this is the appropriate garage door type or whether another style like aluminum would be more suitable. Apart from new garage door installations, we also perform similar services like storefront door repair and garage door opener repair. 

Wooden Garage Door Installation Near Des Moines

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Reasons to Install a Wood Garage Door in Tukwila

Doors WestAre you contemplating a wood garage door installation for your residence or business in Tukwila, Washington? Whether you require commercial garage door or residential garage door services, it’s imperative to select materials that meet your specific needs. While various styles are available, a wooden garage door stands out as one of the more preferable options. Here are a few reasons for installing this garage door type.

Visual Appeal

The great thing about wood is that it’s so visually stunning and complements nicely with many residential and commercial building exteriors. Some of the available designs include contemporary, classic, and carriage-style wooden garage doors. Continue Reading →

Do You Need a New Garage Door in Kent?

garage door replacementDo you need a new garage door for your residence or business in Kent, Washington? Whether you need commercial garage door or residential garage door services, it’s imperative to tackle the problem right away. Holding off on repairs can lead to more damage and leave your property vulnerable to a break-in. Contact a contractor for help if you spot any of the following signs.

Excess Noise

A strong sign that you need a new garage is a lot of abnormal sounds when the unit is in operation. Your garage door opener will always emit a humming sound, but it’s not normal to hear a lot of squeaking and grinding noise. This could point to some internal parts malfunctioning. 


Over time, the door may start to sag. This usually stems from rotting or gradual deterioration. Often, sagging is a major sign of a severe problem, particularly with wooden garage doors. An inspector will need to examine the joints and various components to determine the faulty component.

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Reasons to Hire a Puyallup Garage Door Technician

garage door specialist, garage doorAre you contemplating whether you need a Puyallup garage door technician? Whether you need commercial garage door or residential garage door services, bringing in a professional is always a smart move. While some homeowners may have the know-how and tools necessary to perform minor maintenance work, taking on comprehensive repairs can be tricky. Consider these reasons for hiring an industry professional.


It takes a lot of formal training and hands-on experience to perform garage door repairs to standards. It’s possible you can manage the job yourself, but a contractor can complete the job in a satisfactory manner using tools of the trade.


While you may have some experience doing the work yourself, hiring a Puyallup garage door specialist can save you money in the long run. An expert can get the job done right the first time, thus minimizing the possibility of further damage just a few short months or years down the road.

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Questions to Ask a Potential Edgewood Garage Door Specialist

questions for garage door specialist

Do you need garage door services for your residence in Edgewood? It’s essential that you bring in a qualified technician that can perform the job to professional standards. Of course, there are dozens upon dozens of companies and contractors in the area, making selection a tricky endeavor. Here are several questions you can ask prospective candidates to narrow the selection and pinpoint the ideal company or contractor for the job. This gives you a peace of mind that you made the best and most educated decision.

What Are Your Qualifications?

Inquire about the company’s qualifications. What license and certifications do the company hold, if any? If the company is unable to show formal credentials, then look elsewhere. You’re likely dealing with a company whose staff lacks formal education and training. Continue Reading →

How to Avoid Overpaying a Federal Way Garage Door Specialist

garage door specialist, garage door serviceAre you in need of a garage door service in Federal Way? Whether you require commercial garage door or residential garage door services, it’s integral to know you aren’t overpaying. While the majority of contractors and companies provide fair pricing, some do deliberately charge far above the standard rate. It can be tricky to know if you’re being overcharged especially if you seldom use garage door services. Luckily, there are ways to avoid excess surcharges. Keep these tidbits of advice in mind as you research your local options.

Research Local Average Rates

If you require garage door repair or garage door opener replacement, research the average rates for these services in your local region. Determine the general range so you have a price point for reference.

Get a Second Opinion

After acquiring an estimate from a local garage door specialist, you may be tempted to agree to services on the spot. However, it’s best to hold off until you have talked to at least one other contractor. This is particularly important if you suspect the initial estimate is a bit on the high end.

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How to Find a Good Garage Door Specialist in Tacoma

finding a garage door specialistAre you seeking a garage door specialist in Tacoma, Washington? Whether you require commercial garage door or residential garage door services, it’s imperative to find a reliable contractor. With multiple independent contractors and companies all over Tacoma, it can be tricky knowing which is ideal for your needs. Luckily, there are some ways to assess the reliability of potential candidates. Be mindful of the following factors before deciding on a service.

Positive Customer Testimonials

If you need garage door repair or garage door opener replacement, begin your search by looking up past customer reviews. Unbiased and honest feedback provides a good gauge of a garage door company and its overall workmanship and customer service. Four or five reviews from a company will provide a solid overview.

Free Estimates

Inquire whether a no-cost estimate is included. While this shouldn’t be a make-or-break factor, it’s beneficial to be able to receive an estimate without having to pay a fee or agree to service. Ideally, you want to get two to three estimates to get a good idea of the general cost for your specific repair needs.

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Signs You Need Garage Door Repair in Seattle

garage door repair

Are you having difficulty with your residential garage door in Seattle, Washington? It may be time to arrange a garage door repair visit with a professional garage specialist. While garage systems are designed to last decades, problems do occur that warrant immediate care. The issues won’t disappear on their own and holding off repairs can exacerbate the damage. Noticing irregularities early on and taking prompt action is in your best interest. Book repair services if you become cognizant of any of the following signs.

Door Won’t Open or Shut

A telltale sign you need repairs is a door that won’t fully open or close. There are several probable causes, ranging from a faulty control panel to a malfunctioned door. A technician can inspect the door’s multiple parts to determine what’s going on.

Slow Response Time

Whether you have a residential garage door or a commercial garage door, it should start moving within one to two seconds after you press the button. Contact a technician if there’s a noticeable delay or the door fails to respond at all.

Loud Noises

Do you notice the garage door making unusual grinding and squeaky noises, or sounds that are higher in decibel than usual? This may point to a worn spring or a faulty garage door opener.

Need Garage Door Repair in Seattle?

Do you require garage door repair in Seattle? If you detected one or more of the aforementioned signs, it’s time to arrange for a professional inspection. Procrastinating only makes the issue worse. Get immediate assistance now by calling Doors West today! We provide industry advice, high-quality workmanship, state-of-the-art parts, and stellar customer service. You can also depend on us for storefront door repair. Inquire about our no-cost estimate when you call!

Garage Door Repair Experts in Seattle

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Helpful Tips to Consider Before a Garage Door Installation in Covington

garage door specialists

Are you experiencing difficulty with your garage door in Covington, Washington? Perhaps your home can use a cosmetic enhancement. It may be time to contemplate a new garage door installation. While this addition can be quite advantageous, there are some factors you need to think about before calling a garage specialist. To ensure 100% satisfaction with the newly installed garage door, adhere to these garage door tips for a smoother process.

Get a Quote in Writing

Always ask for a quote in writing. It’s also wise to have the contractor evaluate the existing setup in person and up close. This way, the contractor can measure the size and dimension requirements.

Pay More for High-Quality Springs

Whether you require a commercial garage door or a residential garage door, consider paying a bit more for higher-quality springs. Installing sturdier springs ensures greater longevity and more years of dependable use before the springs require lubrication or a tune-up.

Upgrade Your Opener 

While installing a new garage door, you might want to replace the garage door opener in the process. If it’s time to replace the door, then the opener may need replacing as well, especially if the two were originally installed together.

Wish to Talk to a Professional about Garage Door Tips in Covington?

Are you ready to talk to a contractor about garage door installation in Covington? Now that you’re aware of these garage door tips, you’re better prepped to seek out the right service that meets your needs. If you believe it’s time for a new garage door, contact Doors West in Auburn today! We provide industry advice, high-quality workmanship, and stellar customer service. In addition, you can depend on us for garage door repair and storefront door repair. Remember to ask about our no-cost estimate offers when you call!

Professional Garage Door Tips in Covington

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