Reasons to Hire a Puyallup Garage Door Technician

garage door specialist, garage doorAre you considering whether you might require a Puyallup garage door technician? Whether you need a commercial garage door or residential garage door service, hiring a professional is always the best course of action. With few exceptions, most extensive repairs require expertise and commercial tools and are not tasks that can be completed by a crafty homeowner. Here are the reasons for contacting a garage door company.


The training to become a certified technician requires several years of schooling. A homeowner with basic tools and some personal experience often isn’t enough to tackle more extensive repairs, such as a spring replacement, or installing a new garage door opener.


Even if you have experience in minor garage work, hiring a professional can still save you money in the long haul. An expert gets the job done to industry standards and usually within a single visit. Often, DIY repairs provide a short-term solution at best.

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Questions to Ask a Potential Edgewood Garage Door Specialist

questions for garage door specialist

Do you require garage door services for your residence near Edgewood? It’s imperative that you hire a certified technician that can do the job to industry specifications. There are no shortages of companies and contractors in the region, making selection a tough affair. Here are some inquiries you can ask garage repair companies to narrow the choices. This keeps your mind at ease knowing you made an educated decision based on diligent research.

What Are Your Qualifications?

Ask about the company’s qualifications. Do they hold any type of industry certifications that they can show upon request? If the company lacks certification or is unwilling to show documentation, then look elsewhere. The company likely hires contractors that lack formal training. Continue Reading →

How to Avoid Overpaying a Federal Way Garage Door Specialist

garage door specialist, garage door serviceAre you in search of a garage door service near Federal Way? Perhaps you need commercial garage door or residential garage door services. Either way, it’s important that you’re not paying too much, or at least not paying significantly above the industry average for the region. It’s integral that you can identify when you’re being charged an arm and a leg. After all, garage door services is something you likely only need once in a blue moon. Here are some tips to help you know when you’re getting a fair price for the services rendered. 

Look Up Local Average Rates

If you need garage door repair or garage door opener replacement, look up the rates typical for the area. This way, you have a price range to go off of.

Get a Second Opinion

Upon getting a quote from a regional garage door specialist, you may quickly agree to the price so you can get the repair work underway. However, we recommend holding off until you obtain an estimate from at least two or three companies. If one estimate is on the higher end, then that’s likely an outlier.

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How to Find a Good Garage Door Specialist Near Tacoma

finding a garage door specialistAre you looking for a garage door specialist near Tacoma, Washington? Whether you require commercial garage door or residential garage door services, it’s important to seek out a dependable contractor. With dozens of independent contractors all over the area, it can be difficult finding one that’s ideal for your needs. Here are some ways you can examine the viability of candidates. 

Positive Customer Testimonials

If you require a garage door repair or garage door opener replacement, start by reading client reviews. Unbiased reviews provide good insight into a company’s workmanship and professionalism. Not every review has to be a perfect five-star rating, but there should be a good number of positive comments.

Free Estimates

Ask whether the initial examination includes a free quote. It’s not a dealbreaker if the company charges a small fee for the examination. However, it’s definitely a perk to get an estimate at no cost. It’s a good idea to acquire three quotes at a minimum, preferably four or five for a more precise assessment.

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Signs You Need Garage Door Repair Near Seattle

garage door repair

Are you having trouble with your home garage door near Seattle? You may be in need of garage door repair. While garage doors can last years and even decades, issues do occur and require immediate servicing. Whatever the problem is, it’s highly unlikely it’ll go away on its own. Noticing oddities early on can prevent the issue from worsening over time. Here are the signs to be privy to that warrant residential garage door servicing.

Door Won’t Open or Shut

A telltale sign you require repairs is a door that won’t completely open or close. There are multiple likely causes, ranging from a worn control panel to a malfunctioned door. A contractor can examine the door’s components to determine the precise cause.

Slow Response Time

It doesn’t matter if you have a residential or commercial garage door. The door should operate within a second or two when you press the button. If there’s a lag, then it’s time to bring in a technician for an inspection. 

Loud Noises

The garage door shouldn’t make any odd sounds beyond the steady hum. If you hear anything that sounds out of place, such as grinding or squeaking, then you need to take action. A likely cause is a bad spring or damaged garage door opener.

Need Garage Door Repair Near Seattle?

Are you in need of garage door repair near Seattle? If one or more of the above signs becomes apparent, then it’s time to contact the team at Doors West. We have years of experience servicing both homeowners and commercial establishments. With the latter, clients also routinely rely on us for storefront door repair. We provide estimates free of charge, so you have nothing to lose by contacting us today!

Garage Door Repair Pros Near Seattle

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Helpful Tips to Consider Before a Garage Door Installation Near Covington

garage door specialists

Is your garage door not functioning as it should? Maybe the door works fine but there are significant signs of cosmetic wear. It may be time to consider a new garage door installation for your Covington residence. Of course, this is an investment, so it’s worth taking the time to do some research. Here are some garage door tips to help you prepare for the installation process and when speaking with a technician.

Get a Quote in Writing

Always get an estimate in writing. It’s also a good idea to have a technician examine the garage unit in person. This is important for measurement purposes and for determining an accurate price quote.

Pay More for High-Quality Springs

Whether you need a commercial garage door or a residential garage door, it might be worth paying slightly more for high-quality parts. This is especially true for components like the springs. This is usually the first part to wear and give out. High-grade springs last longer provided they receive regular lubrication.

Upgrade Your Opener 

If installing a new garage door, it might also be a good idea to swap out the garage door opener. If the door is worn and needs to be replaced, then the garage door opener may also be near the end of its lifespan, especially if they were installed together.

Get More Garage Door Tips from a Professional Near Covington

The first step of an installation is to speak with a technician at Doors West in Auburn. Our professional installers can examine your unit and make the appropriate recommendations, whether they be an installation or repairs. We can provide further garage door tips to ensure you get the most longevity and reliable use out of your unit.

Professional Garage Door Tips Near Covington

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Factors to Consider When Picking a New Garage Door Opener Near Renton

Doors West

Are you in need of a new garage door opener near Renton? This is the component that allows the door to lift and shut, and not the remote control as some people may believe. Replacing a garage door opener is something homeowners need to consider if they’re experiencing recurring issues that affect the garage door’s operability. It’s a good idea to have a basic understanding of this critical part. Here are some factors to consider when installing a new unit.

1. Drive Options

There are three types of garage door opener drives. These are chain, screw, and belt options. Each has its advantages and drawbacks. Learn how the operating mechanisms behind each of these work before finalizing a decision.

2. Horsepower Options

There’s a horsepower range to consider when choosing an opener. Most doors will function just fine with a ½-horsepower drive. Commercial garage doors may require more horsepower. The same goes for residential garage doors larger than the conventional size.

3. Backup Power Supply

Not all openers have a backup power supply. You’ll have to contemplate whether this is something you want as a safeguard. We recommend it if you reside in a location known for blackouts. Without a power supply, you may have to settle for opening the garage door manually or settle for parking in the driveway.

Replacing a Garage Door Opener Near Renton?

replacing a garage door opener is something you’ll have to do every few years. After all, the component doesn’t last indefinitely. For a new installation, contact the team at Doors West in Auburn. Our technicians have the training and tools of the trade to install a new opener and ensure the uninterrupted operation of your garage door.

Replacing a Garage Door Opener Near Renton is Fast and Easy

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Finding Reliable Garage Door Repair Services in Auburn

doors westIs your home in need of garage door repairs in Auburn? Perhaps the door won’t fully open or shut, or the garage door opener isn’t responsive. This can be a major issue. The longer you procrastinate, the longer you’ll have to deal with the inconvenience, such as parking the car on the driveway or opening the door manually. Here are some tips to help you find a reputable garage repair company in your local area.

1. Speak to People You Know

If you require garage door repair services, start by asking people in your immediate circle. You likely have a relative, neighbor, or coworker who has needed these services in the past. By asking around, you should be able to acquire multiple referrals to a local company. Continue Reading →

Types of Wood Garage Doors for Your Home Near Puyallup

wood garage doors puyallupDid you know multiple types of wood garage doors are available for your Puyallup residence? Wood is usually regarded as the most classic material for garage doors, and there are different ways to customize their design. Wood doors are high-quality, long-lasting, and visually charming. Here are some of the popular variants.


Mahogany is beautiful and durable, making it the ideal choice for upscale houses. Mahogany is also easy to work with and is easy for contractors to customize. Most larger panels are constructed from this wood because of its resistance to warping, splitting, and sagging. Customers from affluent neighborhoods often inquire about mahogany for their residential garage door.


Another terrific choice is cedar. This material is quite strong, with the added advantage of being resistant to moisture and boring insects. Its highlights make it ideal for application in areas with constantly-changing weather patterns and humidity.

Reclaimed Wood

There are also garage doors constructed from reclaimed wood. This is a good option for homeowners seeking a sustainable solution. Since the wood is reclaimed, the wood is reused, meaning no additional trees were cut down in the making of the garage door.

Interested in Wood Garage Doors Near Puyallup?

Now that you understand the basics and types of wood garage doors, talk to a professional about making this an addition to your home. Contact Doors West near Puyallup for speedy assistance and a consultation. Our services are comprehensive and also include commercial garage door installation. Furthermore, if you require emergency service due to a sudden breakdown or malfunction, you can also count on us. With wood, your property will take on a whole new depth of curb appeal.

Expertly Installing Wood Garage Doors Near Puyallup

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Information about Garage Door Springs Near Edgewood

garage door springs edgewoodHow familiar are you with garage door springs near Edgewood? While quite important, not a whole lot of homeowners and business owners know much about this vital component. Having a basic understanding of this part goes a long way in caring for and maintaining the part.

There Are Two Spring Types

There are two spring types – torsion springs and extension springs. Each attaches and operates via different mechanisms, but both are more or less equal in terms of durability. With time and daily use, the springs can eventually give out without routine maintenance.

Springs Last Awhile

There’s actually no recommended replacement timeframe for garage door springs. It comes down to the condition of the springs and how often you activate the door. The more you open and shut the door the more frequently you’ll need to replace the springs. The same goes for other components like the garage door opener.

Avoid DIY Projects

If the door is having trouble opening or shutting, then the problem may lie with a broken or worn spring. Do not attempt to try to fix the issue yourself. The entire spring system is bearing a lot of weight, and DIY work can result in serious bodily injury. Leave the repair and parts replacement to a professional.

Need New Garage Door Springs Near Edgewood?

Now that you understand a bit more about how garage door springs work, it’s time to speak to a professional. Let the team at Doors West in Auburn help you. We provide extensive residential and commercial garage door services for folks living or working around Edgewood. We replace the springs for modern and older-style garage doors. 

Replacing Garage Door Springs Near Edgewood

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