Important Garage Door Components Info for Puyallup

garage door components

It’s not necessary to know precisely how a garage door works. Even so, Puyallup homeowners can benefit from having at least a layman’s knowledge of what some of the garage door components do. This may help you notice when a part may be on the verge of failing and when it may be time to seek professional assistance. The following parts apply to both residential and commercial garage doors.

Lifting Cables

Most contemporary garage doors have lifting cables. This is what enables the door to open and shut at the press of a button. The cables are attached to the springs, and the springs are affixed to the doors.


Garage doors also have springs. The springs act as a counterweight that enables the door to open and shut. You can find the springs just above the door; they take the shape of coil springs.


Garage doors have several hinges. When you activate the door, you can see the panels bend as they move over the tracks. This occurs due to the hinges. More upscale models contain double hinges for extra durability.

Door Rollers

You may notice wheels or rollers on the garage door. The wheels turn inside the track when it’s moving/closing. The rollers are constructed from nylon or galvanized steel.

Need Repairs on One or More Garage Door Components Near Puyallup?

Is your commercial or residential garage door not operating normally? You may need to contact Doors West in Auburn for a professional assessment. We can evaluate any of the above-mentioned parts and assess whether repairs or parts replacements are needed. This includes a close look at the garage door opener. We have the industry experience and the tools to perform repairs and installations without taking shortcuts.

Garage Door Components Repair

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Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Near Edgewood

Replace Your Garage Door

Are you contemplating a new residential garage door for your property in or around Edgewood, Washington? To replace your garage door is a great investment, especially as a New Year’s resolution initiative.  Here are some advantages associated with a replacement.

Increased Property Value

A new garage door may boost the home’s value, particularly if the current door is having functional issues and the door panels are visibly in bad shape. A beaten and old-looking garage door not only leads to a diminished home value, but it will also be a dealbreaker for potential buyers when they tour the property.

Improved Curb Appeal

The garage door has a tremendous influence on the home’s overall curb appeal. This is definitely so for garages facing the front end of the home. Garage door panels that are frayed, scratched, and dented make the home appear as if it has been neglected. Contemporary garage door styles are available in an assortment of designs and make for a great remodeling project. Continue Reading →

Signs That You Need a New Garage Door Installation Near Kent

garage door

Garage doors have tons of moving parts. After many years of everyday use, the unit will start to wear to the point where repairs are no longer feasible. This is why it’s important to know when you require a new garage door installation for your Kent residence. We’ll discuss the signs to watch for when deciding whether your garage door or garage door opener requires a complete replacement. A new garage door unit will significantly improve both function and visual charm.

1. Slow to Open and Close

The garage door takes several seconds to fully open and close. Even so, it shouldn’t move at a snail’s pace. If you notice unusually slow operation or stuttering, then a professional inspection may be warranted.

2. Loud Noises

Garage doors make an audible hum when opening or closing. However, the hum should be steady and even. If there are additional out-of-place sounds, such as screeching or grinding, then you may have a failing door. Whether it’s a residential or commercial garage door, the unit should not be emitting abnormal noise.

3. Faded Appearance

You can also replace the garage door if you’re renovating the home exterior. The door may be aging, and the panels appear noticeably faded or chipped. An updated garage door can add significantly to the visual charm and make it more appealing if selling the property.

Contemplating a New Garage Door Installation Near Kent?

If any of the aforementioned points pertain to you, then contact the crew at Doors West in Auburn for professional assistance. A new garage door installation will immensely improve your property from both an aesthetic and functional point of view. You can depend on us to perform various garage door services, from basic repairs to new installations. We also perform storefront door repair for shop owners.

New Garage Door Installation Near Kent

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Preparing for Garage Door Replacement Near Federal Way

garage door replacement

Is your existing garage door showing signs of wear? It may be time for a new installation. When preparing for a garage door replacement for your Federal Way home, there are some factors to keep in mind. These are simple preparatory steps that any homeowner can take when anticipating a residential garage door installation.

Request an Estimate in Writing

Don’t just go with a quote given verbally; get it in writing. The estimate should state the final cost and include a breakdown by labor, parts, etc. Having the cost solidified in a contract can be extremely useful in the event of a dispute.

Clean Your Garage

Clear the garage as much as you can. This leaves more working area for the technician during the installation. It makes the whole process simpler and may create a more seamless process. Relocate objects inside the home or patio. If this isn’t doable, then at least position them further away from the garage door.

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Is a Wooden Garage Door Right for Your Home Near Des Moines?

wood garage doorAre you considering a wooden garage door for your home or business near Des Moines, Washington? Perhaps you’re preparing for a commercial garage door or residential garage door installation. Either way, it’s important to select a type that’ll satisfy your needs and preferences. The truth is that wooden garage doors are a terrific option but they do have their drawbacks and may not be for every homeowner. Learn whether this is the best choice for your residence.


A huge benefit of a wooden garage door is that it’s quite appealing from a cosmetic point of view. There are also an assortment of designs and panel options. This is a terrific choice if you prioritize curb appeal and want your home to stand out from the neighborhood. Wood is also highly resistant to physical damage like dents and scratches. When these damages do occur, they’re not as apparent. Some homeowners even say that they like the appearance of slightly damaged wood surfaces, as it gives the door a rustic look.


Wood garage doors aren’t without their disadvantages. For starters, they require regular maintenance and garage door repair. Furthermore, if the wood isn’t adequately treated and sealed, it can become susceptible to humidity, leading to the panel becoming warped and a breeding ground for pests.

Interested in a Wooden Garage Door Installation Near Des Moines?

Have you determined that a wooden garage door is the right solution? If so, contact the team at Doors West in Auburn. We can discuss the basics of different garage doors and help you determine which materials and designs are ideal based on a combination of your preference, budget, and home type. Leave it to us to give your garage door a much-needed makeover!

Wooden Garage Door Installation Near Des Moines

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Reasons to Install a Wood Garage Door Near Tukwila

Doors WestAre you considering a wood garage door installation for your home or business near Tukwila, Washington? Whether you need commercial garage door or residential garage door services, it’s important to pick out materials that satisfy your preferences. A wood garage door is one style that’s trending at the moment. Learn why this door type is becoming increasingly popular and in high demand among homeowners in and around Tukwila.

Visual Appeal

The good thing about wood is that it has a cosmetic charm due to being a natural material. It retains its appearance even after being made into a door or other home furnishing. This complements nicely with homes that have other natural elements for the exterior, such as stone. Continue Reading →

Do You Need a New Garage Door Near Kent?

garage door replacementIs it time for a new garage door for your home or business near Kent, Washington? Whether you require a commercial garage door or residential garage door replacement, it’s important to address the issue immediately. Delaying service can lead to further damage and leave your house prone to a break-in. Call a professional for assistance if you notice the following signs that point to a failing garage door.

Excess Noise

A telltale sign you need a new unit is irregular noises when the door opens or shuts. No door is sound-free, and there will always be a steady humming sound. However, if you hear uneven grinding or squeaking, that’s anything but normal. An internal part or two may be failing.


Over time, the door may begin sagging. This happens as a result of deterioration. This is quite common with wooden garage doors since wood is susceptible to rot. A professional will need to assess individual parts like the door frame, tracks, and hinges to determine the failing part(s).

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Reasons to Hire a Puyallup Garage Door Technician

garage door specialist, garage doorAre you considering whether you might require a Puyallup garage door technician? Whether you need a commercial garage door or residential garage door service, hiring a professional is always the best course of action. With few exceptions, most extensive repairs require expertise and commercial tools and are not tasks that can be completed by a crafty homeowner. Here are the reasons for contacting a garage door company.


The training to become a certified technician requires several years of schooling. A homeowner with basic tools and some personal experience often isn’t enough to tackle more extensive repairs, such as a spring replacement, or installing a new garage door opener.


Even if you have experience in minor garage work, hiring a professional can still save you money in the long haul. An expert gets the job done to industry standards and usually within a single visit. Often, DIY repairs provide a short-term solution at best.

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Questions to Ask a Potential Edgewood Garage Door Specialist

questions for garage door specialist

Do you require garage door services for your residence near Edgewood? It’s imperative that you hire a certified technician that can do the job to industry specifications. There are no shortages of companies and contractors in the region, making selection a tough affair. Here are some inquiries you can ask garage repair companies to narrow the choices. This keeps your mind at ease knowing you made an educated decision based on diligent research.

What Are Your Qualifications?

Ask about the company’s qualifications. Do they hold any type of industry certifications that they can show upon request? If the company lacks certification or is unwilling to show documentation, then look elsewhere. The company likely hires contractors that lack formal training. Continue Reading →

How to Avoid Overpaying a Federal Way Garage Door Specialist

garage door specialist, garage door serviceAre you in search of a garage door service near Federal Way? Perhaps you need commercial garage door or residential garage door services. Either way, it’s important that you’re not paying too much, or at least not paying significantly above the industry average for the region. It’s integral that you can identify when you’re being charged an arm and a leg. After all, garage door services is something you likely only need once in a blue moon. Here are some tips to help you know when you’re getting a fair price for the services rendered. 

Look Up Local Average Rates

If you need garage door repair or garage door opener replacement, look up the rates typical for the area. This way, you have a price range to go off of.

Get a Second Opinion

Upon getting a quote from a regional garage door specialist, you may quickly agree to the price so you can get the repair work underway. However, we recommend holding off until you obtain an estimate from at least two or three companies. If one estimate is on the higher end, then that’s likely an outlier.

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