Information about Garage Door Springs Near Edgewood

garage door springs edgewoodHow familiar are you with garage door springs near Edgewood? While quite important, not a whole lot of homeowners and business owners know much about this vital component. Having a basic understanding of this part goes a long way in caring for and maintaining the part.

There Are Two Spring Types

There are two spring types – torsion springs and extension springs. Each attaches and operates via different mechanisms, but both are more or less equal in terms of durability. With time and daily use, the springs can eventually give out without routine maintenance.

Springs Last Awhile

There’s actually no recommended replacement timeframe for garage door springs. It comes down to the condition of the springs and how often you activate the door. The more you open and shut the door the more frequently you’ll need to replace the springs. The same goes for other components like the garage door opener.

Avoid DIY Projects

If the door is having trouble opening or shutting, then the problem may lie with a broken or worn spring. Do not attempt to try to fix the issue yourself. The entire spring system is bearing a lot of weight, and DIY work can result in serious bodily injury. Leave the repair and parts replacement to a professional.

Need New Garage Door Springs Near Edgewood?

Now that you understand a bit more about how garage door springs work, it’s time to speak to a professional. Let the team at Doors West in Auburn help you. We provide extensive residential and commercial garage door services for folks living or working around Edgewood. We replace the springs for modern and older-style garage doors. 

Replacing Garage Door Springs Near Edgewood

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