Benefits of Steel Garage Doors in Auburn

steel garage doors auburnThere’s a perception that garage doors are just for businesses and warehouses. While it’s true that commercial garage doors often consist of steel and other heavy-duty materials, they’re just as applicable for residences. In fact, this garage door type has become quite trendy in recent years. Learn about the advantages associated with this garage door variant and why homeowners and business owners alike are inquiring about it.

Good Value

In most instances, steel garage doors cost less than wooden garage doors in the long run. This is because steel has a longer lifespan and also requires less maintenance. Plus, a warranty is included, so you’re covered in the event a defect occurs.

Safe & Secure

Safety is a huge consideration for most people. Fortunately, steel provides high-level security. It’s very difficult for intruders to bypass a steel door. It can also withstand natural forces like heavy winds and fires. 

Energy Efficient

We can fit garage doors with varying degrees of insulation. Select one that’s fitting for your climate zone. This keeps the garage interior cozy during cold winters and cool during blistering summers. 

Visually Appealing

Steel can have an industrial vibe. However, modern steel doors can take on the appearance of more residential-friendly styles, such as wood or vinyl. With modern steel solutions, get the best of durability and curb appeal.

Interested in Steel Garage Doors in Auburn?

Looking to upgrade your garage? Steel garage doors are worthy of your consideration. Contact Doors West to speak with one of our technicians regarding the available options. For businesses in Auburn, we also perform storefront door repair as one of our mainstay services.

Installing Steel Garage Doors in Auburn

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