Common Questions for a Garage Door Contractor in Kent

garage door contractor KentDo you need a new residential garage door, or need to repair an existing one? The first step is to contact a garage door contractor in Kent. Upon the contractor’s arrival, there will be some questions you may have. Here are some good questions to ask. 

What’s the Strongest Type of Garage Door?

Garage doors are made from a wide swath of materials, such as aluminum, wood, and laminated products. The durability depends on the material and its thickness. Steel and composite wood garage doors tend to have the highest strength. This makes them good choices for commercial garage doors

How Can I Tell if My Garage Door Is Damaged?

Some damage is obvious, but other forms of damage aren’t so noticeable, allowing the problem to gradually worsen. Here are common signs of damage:

  • Has trouble opening manually
  • Has a hard time fully shutting
  • Sags inward or outward
  • Closes too fast
  • Makes louder-than-usual noises when in operation
  • the garage door opener may lag in response when you push the button

Should I Repair or Replace a Damaged Garage Door?

Whether a garage door is repairable comes down to the damage. A contractor will need to perform an inspection to determine whether the unit is salvageable. Even if the garage door can be fixed, a new installation may still be better if your unit is outdated. A new garage door is an investment that can raise your property’s value.

Need a Garage Door Contractor in Kent?

Let the professionals at Doors West assist you in your garage door installation or repair. We have years of experience helping homeowners and business owners in and around Kent. Our services are also expansive and include servicing of contemporary and older-style garage door units. When you give us a call, our garage door contractor can assess your unit and answer all of your questions.

Experienced Garage Door Contractor in Kent

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