Garage Door Repair Indicators in Edgewood

garage door repairDo you suspect your garage door may be on the verge of failing or is due for servicing? As a homeowner in or around Edgewood, Washington, it’s important to recognize the garage door repair indicators that hint at wear and tear in the components. Contact residential garage door services the minute you recognize signs of faulty operation.

Trouble Opening and Shutting

Residential and commercial garage doors alike should open and shut properly with the press of a button. If the door doesn’t open or close all the way, or if there is a pause between movements, then there may be a broken part, such as a cable, spring, or hinge.

Loud Noise During Activation

A loud noise is another indicator that you may require garage door maintenance. There’s likely an issue with a mechanism that enables the door to open and shut. A technician can usually determine the source of the problem based on the pitch and volume of the sound.¬†

Rollers Jump the Track

The garage door rollers may also jump the tracks. This throws the door out of alignment with the frame and can bring the operation to a halt. This often occurs when homeowners accidentally bump the door with their car, causing misalignment or a bent in the tracks.

Recognize the Garage Door Repair Indicators Near Edgewood?

Do you notice any of the garage door repair indicators in your Edgewood residence? It may be time to consult with a professional at Doors West in Auburn. We can examine your garage door, pinpoint the issue, and proceed with repairs. Upon a consultation, homeowners will know the precise issue, the parts required, and the estimated timeframe for completion. Apart from garage door servicing, we also perform storefront door repair for local businesses.

Garage Door Repair Indicators Near Edgewood

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