Important Garage Door Components Info for Puyallup

garage door components

It’s not important to understand exactly how a garage door operates. Nevertheless, Puyallup homeowners can benefit from having at least a baseline understanding of how some of the garage door components work. This may help you recognize when a part may be malfunctioning and when it may be time to get professional help. The following parts apply to both residential and commercial garage doors.

Lifting Cables

Nearly all modern garage doors have lifting cables. This is what enables the door to open and shut at the press of a button. The cables are connected to the springs, which in turn are connected to the doors.


Garage doors also have springs. The springs act as a counterweight that allows the door to open and shut smoothly. You can locate the springs just above the door.


Garage doors contain multiple hinges. When you operate the door, you can see the panels bend as they move over the tracks. This is made possible due to the hinges. More upscale models contain double hinges for added durability.

Door Rollers

You may also recognize wheels or rollers on the garage door. The wheels turn inside the track during operation. The rollers are made from high-quality nylon or galvanized steel.

Need Repairs on One or More Garage Door Components Near Puyallup?

Is your commercial or residential garage door operating less than optimally? It may be time to contact Doors West in Auburn for assistance. We can perform an evaluation on any of the aforementioned parts and determine if repairs or parts replacements are in order. This includes a checkup of the garage door opener. We have the industry expertise and equipment to perform repairs and installations to standards. Don’t hesitate to contact us for an initial garage door assessment and service estimate.

Garage Door Components Repair Near Puyallup

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