Signs That You Need a New Garage Door Installation Near Kent

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Garage doors consist of many moving parts. After many years of daily use, the unit will eventually begin to wear beyond repair. This is why it’s essential to recognize when you need a new garage door installation for your home in or around Kent. We’ll explain the signs to look for when determining whether your garage door or garage door opener is due for a replacement. A new garage door unit will drastically enhance both home function and curb appeal.

1. Slow to Open and Close

The garage door doesn’t open and close in a span of a second. It takes time for the unit to completely open and shut. Nevertheless, if the garage door is moving more slowly than normal, or if there’s a stutter during operation, then you need to have the component looked at by a garage door repair technician.

2. Loud Noises

No garage door is completely silent in the midst of operation; some humming is normal. However, if you hear abnormal sounds, such as grinding or squealing, then your door may be worn. Be wary of abnormal noises; this applies to residential and commercial garage doors alike.

3. Faded Appearance

You can also replace the garage door if you’re remodeling the exterior portion of your property and believe the door panels appear outdated or badly faded. The look of a new garage door can really pay dividends if selling the property.

Contemplating a New Garage Door Installation Near Kent?

If any of the above apply to you, then contact the team at Doors West in Auburn for expert consultation. A new garage door installation will drastically improve your home from both a visual and functional standpoint. You can rely on our team to perform a number of garage door services, from basic repairs to total replacements. We also perform storefront door repair for business owners.

New Garage Door Installation Near Kent

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